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Experienced media expert with media "know how" for SEE in the fields of agriculture, show business, infotainment, and media management.

In the changing world we are living in, some values are universally respected today, as they have always been. Values and virtues such as morality, education, knowledge, and trustworthiness should be the basis of private life and the code of conduct in the business life of every professional. I’m certainly hoping that I have achieved that. But what comes after is equally important, and that is knowing how to make a job done! In the sense of media, and when I say media, I mean many diverse things, such as: video production, directing, recording, broadcasting, internet publishing, promoting, advertising, and last but not least, printed media. Thanks to my rich experience and years of investing in professional development, I’m very confident that I CAN DELIVER. And that is what counts.

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It’s a bit of a peculiar story how someone with a huge interest in science ends up in the media ...

High school

High School of Science and Mathematic in Velika Plana

1995 - 1999

I had finished high school of science and mathematics with honors, rewards, and best marks, and I had won special certificates for achievements in biology, chemistry, and Serbian language courses. During high school, I was an editor and presenter on a radio show on local radio, "Radio Plana" in programme intended for youth. I was a journalist and technical editor of the school newspaper, "Koraci" . I had won several awards and certificates for writing poetry. As an attendant of the Youth Research Center in Petnica, I actively took part in programs for the scientific advancement of youth. I participated in seminars for special education in computer science, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and psychology. Also, I was the contributor of scientific articles in the few seminars. For example, one of them in the field of psychology is titled: "How phonological assembly of words is correlated with the cognitive meaning of the word" . I was a database computer programmer. And I had worked in dBase, CA-Clipper, Fox, and MS Visual Fox. I had done several projects, mainly for educational purposes, and very few for commercial purposes. I had worked as a part-time graphic and web designer, mostly for local charities, some political organizations, and very few for commercial purposes.


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1999 - 2007

I enrolled in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. During the studies, I had a wide range of interests. The clinical courses were the most appealing to me, especially considering diseases of small animals, buiatrics, obstetrics, etc. Also, I was interested in some fundamental subjects in pathology and pharmacology courses. Due to the success and exceptional results in a number of the subjects, I was three times elected to be "The Best Student in Generation" after my second, third, and fourth years of study by the Board of Professors of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. For two terms, I was a student representative on the Faculty Council in 2002 and 2003. I had lost no terms, and I studied until the end of 2005. I graduated in January 2007 with an average score of 9.36 (10 being the highest possible). The University of Belgrade had given me the Student of the Generation award and declared me the best student who graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2008.


Additional Activities

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1999 - 2007

As a freshman, I worked as a journalist for the student newspaper "Veterinar". I had a special course on PCR use as a method of bacteriological diagnosis in February 2004. for the assistants, professors, and students, organized by the Department of Microbiology and Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and sponsored by the Austrian government. Also, am a co-author of two scientific articles. The topic was "the small green monkey blood vessels in the lungs, brain, and pituitary gland" . I participated in designing the book "Praktikum iz Anatomije" - the textbook for the exercises in anatomy for students of veterinary medicine. Being interested in clinical topics, I had worked as an apprentice in a number of veterinary practices for both farm and companion animals.                     

Informal Education 

Video production, digital advertising, etc.

1995 - 2021

As you may notice, I never had any formal education in TV production, editing, directing, camera, or lightning, nor was I educated in graphic design, database programming, or sound engineering, yet I’m doing just that, or for example, considering database programming, I have done that in the past. How so? Well, I do believe it, and life just proved me right about it. It is very useful, but it is not obligatory to have a formal education in those subjects. For example, if I’m to do surgery on an animal or just apply some therapeutics, yes, I do need a degree in veterinary medicine, but if I’m supposed to film something, edit things, or organize a marketing campaign on digital media, as I had said, it can be useful to be educated in that field, but sometimes simply being self-sufficient or even better, you can pick up experience from people who do have skills – fortunately, I had the opportunity to do just that.


As versatile as anyone can be ...

In the media, you can’t really have a skill as a manager or professional ,unless you fundamentally know how things are made. Also, you can’t understand advertising unless you understand the people you are talking to.

Somehow I have evolved in journalism since high school, actively and professionally for more than ten years, so I know how to do that job right. My current activities demand strong managerial skills and knowledge. Most of the things I made, wrote, edited, and designed are directly linked to agriculture. So, there is no area of agriculture, from basic agricultural production to the finalization and packaging of products, in which I don’t have at least basic knowledge and, in some fields, advanced knowledge. Working in the media, I had learned to film, edit, and, in general, work in video and sound production. Although I have no formal education, I have practical skills in shooting with professional cameras, video editing in Sony Vegas Video and Final Cut Pro, and in general, creating multimedia content. I’m working with various other software for graphic design.Since I am almost constantly engaged in making, among other things, commercial reports and other forms, my job is directly related to marketing and advertising. I'm a graduated veterinarian, so I can deal with all things that are related to veterinary medicine. I can fluently speak, read, and write English. I can speak and read Russian. I’m learning French. My mother tongue is Serbian. Also, I can speak, read, and write Croatian, a Boshnjak language. I readily understand Macedonian and Slovenian.

Video production
Digital CC


There is a formal and an informal part to the story. Although I have a plethora of titles, when a situation necessitates a formal title, it is not what matters but what you do that does ...    



2018 - Present

Being CEO sounds flattering, but actually means that I have whole responsibility for every single project, which can be hard sometimes. But the real satisfaction comes from knowing that I managed a team that created it all: TV shows, advertisements, commercials, websites, and digital campaigns. I created a number of commercial, promotional, and educational films in various fields. Most of them are about agriculture and business, but some are also about energy, education, and medical services. Most of them are in Serbian, but some are in Albanian, English, Russian, German, and Czech. I worked on the production of commercials, and I have produced more than a few television spots. I'm also the founder and manager of a Facebook group and blog that I started years ago, "Dobra zemlja". Currently, it has more than 180K followers. My YouTube channel has 150K followers.  

RAF production

Chief editor, co-menager

2016 - 2021

In February 2016, I left B92, and I started a new show named "Bolja zemlja" (it can be translated as "Better Land"), for "RAF production". It’s broadcast on TV Happy, a privately owned TV station with national coverage. In a short time, it became the most popular show about food and agriculture, according to Nielsen media research. Still, I’m the only legitimate owner of the "Dobra zemlja" trademark, and the show is broadcast on B92 until the 2020 .

Ringier axel springer  

Editor for special edition


Since mid-2016, I have been editor in chief of "Blicagrar", the most printed publication about food and agriculture in the Balkans. It was distributed in approximately 110, 000 "Blic" papers .During my engagement, "Blic" was part of "Ringier Axel Springer Media AG."


Lead Anchorman , TV Host, Co-Editor

2018 - 2021

In 2018, the challenge for me is to break into the showbusiness industry. I have done that very successfully on TV with national wide coverage on TV Happy, the TV Show "Prelo". With the help of a great team of experts and professionals, we put on a great show, which had up to 20 SHR% on the national level. It was a really interesting time, keeping in mind that I had to cooperate and talk with diverse people all the way from the musical stars to politicians and businessmen. Sometimes there were up to 220 people in the studio , with around 240 people engaged in production. I have the honor of working with really outstanding individuals and colleagues. 

Antenna Group / TV B92

Editor in Chief for Agriculture

2004 - 2016

Since the end of the fourth year of university, I have been engaged in B92 television (at time part of the "Antenna group", латтер under the name "O2") in the creating and designing of the show for farmers, "Znanje na poklon," at that time, the most popular show for farmers and people in rural communities. In 2012. I started my own show for farmers, "Dobra zemlja" (it can be translated as "Good Land"). It quickly became the most popular show for farmers, airing on privately owned television with national coverage. At the time, I was the youngest chief editor and author of B92 TV. During the 2007–2008 years, I started a new project, a TV program named "Izveštaj." The subject is the future of fossil fuels and the use of biofuels, which is also a topic that is somehow related to agriculture. Later, I had made a dozen episodes about different topics, including food prices, GMO food, etc. It was broadcast on B92 TV.

Adria Media Group

Editor for special edition


The most happiest time of the day!. Morbi sagittis, sem quis lacinia faucibus, orci ipsum gravida tortor, vel interdum mi sapien ut justo. Nulla varius consequat magna, id molestie ipsum volutpat quis.

Video production

I can make everything from high-end ads to TV programmes.


I can construct a whole campaign and do everything except large scale media buying. Anyway, through cooperation with other agencies, I can manage that also.


I can make it from A to Z. With a team of dedicated professionals, I can manage any task.


I can make it in any direction and in any way. The whole point of PR is to know how to hit the target.

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